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There can be little doubt that technology—and its evolution—play a significant role in not only the practice of law but the establishment of a law practice. A 2015 survey of solo and small firm lawyers revealed that a majority planned to take steps in the coming year to implement new technologies to enable them to better manage their practices and service their clients.

Some obvious technologies spring to mind: cell phones, tablets, and anything that allows lawyers to work remotely. But your law firm may need more than that, so here are some additional technologies to consider in implementing your practice.


Whether you will have a virtual law office or your own office, you may not want to only use your cell phone to conduct business. Other options exist though:

VOIP Telephones that can operate anywhere you plug them into an internet connection

Virtual Phone Systems like Ring Central, Grasshopper or Virtual PBX

Call forwarding services like Google Voice

Data Storage & Backups

This can range from solutions that permit you to access files anywhere to pure backup solutions that protect your data from loss.

Barracuda Online Backups

Paper Management

Whether you opt to go paperless or not, with efiling and eservice required in Florida, you will need a method to convert documents into electronic formats for use with other attorneys and the court system.